Welcome to GoBiGas! 

We’re building GoBiGas, the world’s first initiative to produce biogas from forest residues. 

GoBiGas (Gothenburg Biomass Gasification) is a Göteborg Energi initiative to develop the energy alternative of tomorrow. GoBiGas is being developed and built together with:

The way to GoBiGas 

The idea to develop a method for large-scale production of biogas was born at Göteborg Energi in 2005. Since then we have consciously worked ahead further towards developing the technology and plan for a large-scale production plant in Gothenburg.

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The vision for biogas 

Thanks to its renewable source, biogas is one of the most important transportation fuels of the future. And large volumes will be required to manage the transition to transport fleets that are fossil-free.

Göteborg Energi’s vision is to deliver biogas as a transport fuel to 100 000 vehicles by latest 2020.

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