Pellets for GoBiGas delivered by truck fuelled with liquid biogas

Since the opening of our gasification plant, GoBiGas, large pellets deliveries has been carried out continuously. Therefore we have made sure to live as we learn by establishing an agreement with our road carriers determining that all transportation of pellets is conducted in a special truck fuelled by liquid biogas.

The pellets are mainly transported from Södras new pellets factory on Värö outside of Varberg to GoBiGas in Gothenburg.

The truck was built, based on one of Volvos standard cars, and has an extension (flatbed, dump, trailer) that was created to minimize the added weight and optimizing loading capacity. This enables greater loads of pellets resulting in a maximum load of 40 ton.

When the plant is at optimal production, it consumes around 1200 ton pellets a week, resulting in about 30 trucks delivering pellets each week to this plant alone.

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