GoBiGas at the European Biofuel Technology Platform 

The European Biofuel Technology Platform organized its seventh stakeholder plenary meeting on June 21 in Brussels about the latest research and policy developments for renewable fuels and also invited speakers from existing plants to share their experiences. 

Sweden was well represented with several plants, including GoBiGas. Eric Zinn spoke of the technical successes at the plant, which have been made possible thanks to the close cooperation with the many researchers at Chalmers University of Technology that are interested in biomass gasification. He also emphasized the challenging economics of the plant with today’s historically low fuel prices (it’s never been cheaper to drive a car in Sweden!) and lack of stable policy which is necessary for more investments in the field. 

The EU Commission’s well renowned representative Dr Kyriakos Maniatis from DG Energy agreed that a stable policy environment must immediately be put into place, both in the EU and its member states, if we are not to risk our long term goal of a climate friendly society. 

Photos: Eric Zinn and EBTP Secretariat. 


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