Cooperation and suppliers 

The GoBiGas development project is an effort made in very close cooperation with several suppliers.

Main suppliers

Valmet supplies the gasification portion of the plant in cooperation with Repotec. Valmet is in a contractual partnership with Göteborg Energi in which both parties have a joint interest in reaching the set goal.

Repotec is responsible for the technical design of the gasification equipment in a license agreement with Metso Power. The gasification portion is an up scaling of four times the production of a plant built by Repotec in Güssing, Austria.

For the methanation and gasification portions, the project has chosen Haldor Topsøe as the supplier of the technology, a Danish company with a focus on chemistry and process technique. They are responsible for the technical design and will also provide the catalysts for the process reactors.

Jacobs Process transforms Haldor Topsøe’s technology to a finished plant together with its support systems and buildings. The cooperation with Jacobs takes place in an EPCM agreement, which implies a close working relationship entailing several members of the GoBiGas project to spend their working hours at the Jacobs offices in Leiden, Holland.


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