GoBiGas builds in two phases

The gasification plant is to be built in two phases. The first phase is underway and is planned for completion in 2013. The second phase is planned for completion in 2016 and the decision regarding its implementation will be made after the evaluation of phase 1.

The plant will be built in Rya Harbour adjacent to the Rya heating plant. The location was chosen for its proximity to Göteborg’s electricity, gas and district heating network and allows for a long-term and flexible method of receiving fuel for transport by way of both vessel and rail.

Phase 1 is an experimental plant that is partially financed by the Energy Agency. The project shall provide a basis for the implementation of phase 2 as well as provide us with useful knowledge and experience prior to the implementation of phase 2. The planned production of phase 1 is 20 MW.

Phase 2 will be a built as a commercial plant from its opening, with a planned gas production of 80 - 100 MW.

Reference plant

In 2002, Repotec built a gasification plant in Güssing, Austria, with the same gasification technique that will be used by GoBiGas.

This plant has been in commercial operation ever since, producing at approximately 7000 operating hours per year. The gas that is produced in this plant is, however, not used for the production of biogas. It is used for the production of electricity in a gas motor and for district heating. More information here.

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