Research efforts with results

We participate in various research and development projects and are thus active in driving the development forward. Together with the world of research, we are given the opportunity to collect knowledge and experience that will later be beneficial to our efforts.

For several years, we have worked closely with the Department of Energy Technique at Chalmers University of Technology on gasification research. In 2007, Göteborg Energi financed the building of a gasifier for indirect gasification on the existing research boiler at the Chalmers boiler station. The so-called Chalmers gasifier was put into commission the same year. Today, we gasify biofuel by way of indirect gasification in the boiler, using the same technique we have chosen to use in the GoBiGas project.

The aim is to further develop the indirect gasification technique and build our own knowledge for future projects. Currently production is at 2 MW, which gives biogas (syntes gas) that, in this plant, is used for fuel in the boiler at the Chalmers boiler station. The plant has been in commission for three operating seasons. (November – April).

In April 2011, the Energy Agency decided to establish a national competence center for gasification with three nodes. Chalmers University of Technology is one of the nodes and has been appointed as the Competence Center for indirect gasification. The research program spans over 10 years and will increase our knowledge and competence in the area.

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